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  • Walking up the Clent Hills in the fog

    The Ordinary Moments – The Walk that didn’t happen

    I’ve not written a post for The Ordinary Moments for a long time. Which is a shame, because it’s usually these posts that I enjoy reading back the most. They’re easy to forget, or to put off when paid or review work feels more pressing, or I’m sat in an untidy lounge with an ever-growing pile of clothes just begging to be put away beside me. Especially over the last few months as I’ve been juggling studying alongside everything else. It’s easy to categorise them as unimportant, a ‘nice-to-do’ rather than a must.

    When I had a reminder from my blogging friend Donna that this week’s The Ordinary Moments was live, I felt a tug to get something written. But what? You see, I’ve not got any lovely photos to share. I can’t even write about our day out today, because it didn’t happen (and the fully charged batteries in my DSLR camera remain unused). read more

    #TheOrdinaryMoments, Parenting
    / January 13, 2019
  • Pickle in his stripey jumper in the midst of a patch of bluebells on the way to Arrow Valley Lake, Redditch

    The Ordinary Moments – Feeding the Ducks

    This week, whilst I worked on the local election count, I got chatting to a family friend. Her lovely family feels like part of our family, and she told me that she always reads my posts and is glad I’m taking the time to document as much as I can of Pickle’s early life. She told me these memories are so precious. And that I’ll be so glad of them in the years to come. It’s easier to remember the big moments: the birthdays, the big days out and the holidays. And it’s all so easy to forget The Ordinary Moments. Which is why I make sure I write about them whenever I can.

    #TheOrdinaryMoments, Countryside, Parenting
    / May 6, 2018
  • Sliding down the slide sitting up for the first time

    The Ordinary Moments – Top of the Slide

    When I first sat down to write this post, I was planning on writing about our trip to the park last weekend. Pickle went down the slide for the first time staying sat up (as opposed to flopping onto his back) and it was so surreal to see our little boy so independently climbing the steps, getting himself on the slide and sitting all the way down it. It probably doesn’t sound like much if you don’t have children of our own, but believe me when I say, it was really magical and a little emotional. Something ordinary, that I wanted to remember – perfect topic choice for my first Ordinary Moments post of the year. Thing is, there’s not much else to say about it apart from that. That’s kind of it. And I’ve already summed it up in this Instagram post:

    #TheOrdinaryMoments, Parenting
    / January 8, 2018
  • Close up of Pickle in front of an autumnal leaf background wearing woolly hat

    The Ordinary Moments & When They Mean More

    This hasn’t been an ordinary week. Far from it. It’s been a week of panic, worry and doctors, all thanks to a nasty fever and Pickle’s first (and I hope only) febrile convulsion. It’s the first time Pickle has been properly poorly. He’s had the odd cold before now, but nothing serious or anything that’s needed medical attention. It’s times like this that The Ordinary Moments mean SO MUCH MORE. For those three days when he really wasn’t himself, I was desperate for his ordinary behaviour to return, and when it did? It was the best sight to behold.

    #TheOrdinaryMoments, Parenting
    / November 26, 2017
  • Pickle eating a scone with cheeky face

    The Ordinary Moments – Troublesome Teething

    I’m not going to lie, it’s felt like hard work this week. After writing last Sunday about bites and bruises, my The Ordinary Moments for this week isn’t much of a rosier outlook, I’m afraid. I’m knackered – and whilst that may not be helped by two runs with the pushchair this week and cycling to Talking Tots and back – it’s mainly because sleep has been so hard to come by. After the most ALMIGHTY tantrum and strop before Friday’s run, I finally figured out why: teething. Pickle has a molar coming through, and with only half of it poking out at the moment, we’re still in for a bit of trouble whilst we wait for the other half to appear I reckon.

    #TheOrdinaryMoments, Parenting
    / November 5, 2017