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  • Baby Knitted Cardigan Baby Blue

    LPM Made This: Knitted Baby Cardigan

    You may remember that I challenged myself to knit a hat whilst in labour… And I kind of did. And by kind of, I mean that I did do some knitting whilst in hospital – it just wasn’t a hat and it definitely wasn’t whilst I was in the delivery room, only whilst I was on the antenatal ward. Seeing as I had a half finished cardigan on the go, I decided to just carry on with that instead of starting a new hat, especially as I already had a knitted hat I thought would fit a baby but I didn’t have a big enough cardigan.

    Working on it whilst waiting for the induction to hot up gave me a sense of peace – I felt that even though I obviously wasn’t able to prepare for Pickle’s arrival without medical help physically, I was still being productive and at least was in control of something.¬† read more

    / July 12, 2016
  • labour induction

    Facing my Fears: Labour Induction

    I’m writing this at 9pm on Tuesday 31st May 2016. 11 days overdue and no longer under the illusion that Pickle will be a May-baby. I could throttle all those people who have said to me over the past however many months ‘Oh May, what a lovely time to have a baby.’ I’m about to enter the world of labour induction.

    On Wednesday 1st June, at 8am, I’ll be ringing the Antenatal Ward at Worcester Royal Hospital to see what time they want me in for a labour induction. The one and only thing I always said I wanted to avoid. read more

    / June 1, 2016
  • overdue pregnant lady waiting

    9 Days Overdue: Update from Mom

    Hi. It’s me. I’m still pregnant. Being overdue sucks.

    I honestly never thought I’d get to this stage – 9 days overdue today and counting. I’ve always felt sorry for women who go overdue, imagining the annoyance¬†and discomfort they must be feeling but I had no idea JUST how frustrating it is. It’s pure mental torture. A constant waiting game where every day you get your hopes up enough just to think there might be a light at the end of this 40 week+ tunnel but then yet again, nothing happens. And you start to feel like an idiot for even thinking you might have felt the first twinges of something. Weirdly, the longer it goes on, the further from meeting our baby I feel. Even though I know that’s not true. read more

    Pregnancy, Weekly Updates
    / May 29, 2016