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Hair Maturity

  • Pickle cuddling Flop from Bing with his new grown up haircut

    Toddler Hair Care with Johnson’s Baby

    This is a collaborative post with Johnson’s Baby.

    In the past few weeks, both Pickle and I have had our hair cut. Which may not sound like much to write a blog post about, but it was Pickle’s very first professional haircut so it marked a huge milestone. Getting your child’s hair cut is weirdly emotional… and I can’t quite pin down the reason why. Is it because it always makes them look more grown up? Is it because (particularly in Pickle’s case) it took such a long time for him to grow what hair they had, that it seems like a shame to chop it off? Is it because we’re purposefully choosing to alter their physical identity? read more

    Aged 2+, Johnson's Baby, Parenting
    / October 5, 2018