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  • picnic date with wine for an outdoor cinema outdoors date night idea

    A list of Outdoors Date Ideas

    This is a collaborative post.

    Do you struggle like I do to come up with some interesting new date ideas? Our go to is a nice meal out or a cinema trip, but seeing as we’re both happier when we’re outside doing something in the fresh air, why aren’t our date nights reflective of this? I wanted to put together a outdoors date night bucket list, and I hope it gives you some inspiration too. read more

    Lifestyle, Marriage
    / June 24, 2018
  • Trespass backpack review

    Outdoors Adventure – Trespass Backpack Review

    LPD and I both have Trespass coats that have served us very well over the past few years so when the team at Trespass approached me about reviewing one of their products, I was really excited and just KNEW that a Trespass backpack for our outdoor, geocaching adventures would be a perfect fit for us and couldn’t wait for it to arrive.

    The range of casual backpacks to choose from was amazing, but it didn’t take long for one in particular to jump out at me.  I don’t think I own a plain black bag as I’m always drawn to colour and the Deptron Purple 30 Litre Backpack (no longer available) was definitely my favourite. Just perfect for some geocaching adventures. Colourful enough for me, but not too girly so that LPD doesn’t shirk his carrying duties! read more

    Countryside, Reviews
    / April 29, 2016
  • Geocaching

    Fun for all the Family – Geocaching

    It goes without saying that in just a few short months, our lives will completely change. We’ll be waving goodbye to our Sunday morning lie-ins and whimsical spur-of-the-moment outings and instead welcoming schedules, pre-planning and preparation (for everything). Whilst I’m looking forward to the new challenge, there are obviously certain aspects of our old lives that I’d like to hold on to. I don’t want to give up everything like makes us, well, us.

    Thankfully, or perhaps regretfully, we’re not the most adventurous of hobbyists so many of our favourite pastimes lend themselves quite nicely to family life (like watching reruns of The West Wing, sofa-snuggling and walking) so I don’t think we’ll have to compromise that much. That said, one hobby that I’m very much looking forward to sharing with Pickle though is Geocaching. read more

    Countryside, Parenting
    / February 2, 2016