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  • Holly at Center Parcs Woburn Forest

    How and Why I work with Brands

    I may be more in tune to the discussions about online influencers (for want of a better word – for what it’s worth, I think content creator is a far better description of what us bloggers/instagrammers do) because it’s part of the industry I work in, but every time I see an article (like this recent ‘Most shoppers mistrust influencers’ BBC News piece) that slates the reputation of this relatively new field, I feel a pressing sense of sadness. It paints what I think is an untrue picture.

    I thought it was wise, important and somewhat overdue that I make sure it’s clear to all my readers (whether you’re a long time follower, relatively new or just nipped in because you found a blog post of mine on Google) exactly why and how I work with the brands I do – and impress how often I don’t. read more

    / December 29, 2018