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Arrow Valley Lake

  • Pickle feeding the ducks at our local pond golden hour

    Finding our New ‘Lake’ at the New House

    We’ve been in our house about a month now, but it still feels very new. There are cardboard boxes piled high in almost every room and although I feel each day we get a little closer to be officially unpacked – there’s a lot still to do. We’ll get there. It’s just taking time. Sometimes I never feel we have enough of these days. As much as I want to get it done, I don’t feel any pressure to hurry along or get stressed about it. We’ll take it slow and steady and just celebrate each little victory.

    Before our move, my main worry was for Pickle. I wasn’t sure how he’d cope with a new home, taking him away from everything he’s ever known. But I couldn’t have been more surprised with how well he’s taken to his new environment. Like a duck to water – which is a very pertinent phrase as part of our explorations of our new neighbourhood included a walk down to the local duck pond. read more

    / October 15, 2018
  • Needing a home with lots more space with children

    Designing the Perfect Home for Babies & Toddlers

    This is a sponsored post.

    Once we found out I was pregnant, moving house was high up on our agenda. At the time, we were living in a first floor maisonette, which was lovely but incredibly small. We knew we’d need more space for life as a family of three, but the specifics of exactly what kind of space would be best were lost on us. We had no idea. We moved into a lovely little two bedroomed house, complete with small garden thinking it’d be absolutely perfect. read more

    Lifestyle, Parenting
    / June 2, 2018
  • Tubby Playdate Pack free download

    Inspiration From the Teletubbies Playdate Pack

    I’ve surprised myself with how much I’ve enjoyed being back at work, but if there’s one thing I miss from my extended maternity leave – it’s midweek playdates with the NCT girls. Not only are they a good chance to catch up with the women who have become such treasured friends and been the most incredible support network, but seeing our toddlers playing together, learning from each other and having a blast is the most heart-warming thing to see – even if it is hard work at times! I want to make the most of it before they start arguing and whining about each other (because, that’s inevitable, right?).

    As they get older, it’s harder work to keep them amused. In order to avoid tantrums, arguments and escape attempts, the toys available need to be increasingly exciting and the activities on offer have to be more and more engaging. It’s also a difficult age to plan for: as I talked about in my First Parents’ Evening post, Pickle and his friends are all very different, and excelling in different areas. They’re starting to show their individual interests and preferences, and they’re not afraid to show their distaste if something isn’t to their liking! Finding the common ground is essential… and this week? That common ground was Teletubbies. read more

    18-24 Months, Parenting, Reviews
    / May 25, 2018
  • Pickle in his stripey jumper in the midst of a patch of bluebells on the way to Arrow Valley Lake, Redditch

    The Ordinary Moments – Feeding the Ducks

    This week, whilst I worked on the local election count, I got chatting to a family friend. Her lovely family feels like part of our family, and she told me that she always reads my posts and is glad I’m taking the time to document as much as I can of Pickle’s early life. She told me these memories are so precious. And that I’ll be so glad of them in the years to come. It’s easier to remember the big moments: the birthdays, the big days out and the holidays. And it’s all so easy to forget The Ordinary Moments. Which is why I make sure I write about them whenever I can.

    read more

    #TheOrdinaryMoments, Countryside, Parenting
    / May 6, 2018
  • Sliding down the slide sitting up for the first time

    The Ordinary Moments – Top of the Slide

    When I first sat down to write this post, I was planning on writing about our trip to the park last weekend. Pickle went down the slide for the first time staying sat up (as opposed to flopping onto his back) and it was so surreal to see our little boy so independently climbing the steps, getting himself on the slide and sitting all the way down it. It probably doesn’t sound like much if you don’t have children of our own, but believe me when I say, it was really magical and a little emotional. Something ordinary, that I wanted to remember – perfect topic choice for my first Ordinary Moments post of the year. Thing is, there’s not much else to say about it apart from that. That’s kind of it. And I’ve already summed it up in this Instagram post:

    #TheOrdinaryMoments, Parenting
    / January 8, 2018
  • The Ordinary Moments – An Evening Stroll

    It’s been a long time since I’ve captured an Ordinary Moment, so this feels long overdue. And it couldn’t be better timed because I needed just something ordinary this Saturday. Nothing exciting or momentous – but a little ordinary thing to help me get out of a bit of a bad mood.  Because that’s the best thing about The Ordinary Moments, right? That you can find joy in the everyday.

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    #TheOrdinaryMoments, Parenting
    / September 3, 2017