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  • bedtime routine disupted

    Disrupted bedtime routine – thanks Christmas

    A while ago I shared a post about how we were trying to implement a new bedtime routine, and how we were getting on after week one. I set myself a goal of having it sussed by Christmas and in the run up to the holidays, it looked like I was on track! I’d take Pickle upstairs for story and a feed about 7 o’clock and then he would sleep until about 10.30pm when LPD and I would usually go to bed. It may not sound a lot compared to babies who wonderfully sleep all the way through the night, but for us, it was a bit of a breakthrough. It meant LPD and I could have a nice dinner together, we could snuggle up and watch TV, I could spend time getting blog stuff done and we kind of had a bit of normality back. But then Christmas happened, and oh, how it disrupted bedtime routine.

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    6-12 Months, Parenting
    / January 8, 2017
  • Baby eating breakfast baby led weaning

    When Daddy goes back to work…

    Once the mayhem of Christmas itself was over (yes, it’s lovely but it can be a bit full-on, can’t it?), I really enjoyed having a few days to ourselves as a little family, making the most of the time off work Little Pickle’s Dad (LPD) had. In the years we’ve been together, it’s been a rarity that we’ve both been off work for the entirety of the holiday season, which makes me appreciate it even more. In fact, I think the Christmas just before I met LPD, I worked Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve AND New Year’s Day. I really must have drawn the short straw that year (and incidentally learned some very important lessons about work-life balance, but that’s a blog post for another day). Anyway, as this year’s holidays drew to a close, I really didn’t want LPD to go back to the office. I was dreading Tuesday 3rd January 2017. But in hindsight, I’m not sure what I was so worried about…

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    6-12 Months, Parenting
    / January 6, 2017
  • baby's first tooth

    Pickle’s first baby tooth

    When I started this blog, I thought I’d be using it to document and capture all of Pickle’s precious baby milestones but in reality, I’ve barely written about any of his ‘firsts’ – so here’s to changing that! I often find I use my little corner of the internet to get things off my chest, decant the build up of emotions that comes with parenthood or simply bosch out a ‘here’s what we did today’ post but that’s really not why I began writing it. So today… guess what? I noticed Pickle’s first baby tooth had cut through.

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    6-12 Months, Parenting
    / December 29, 2016
  • Baby not sure about bedtime routine

    The New Bedtime Routine: Week One

    Last week, I shared a bit about a new bedtime routine that we’ve been trying to implement. I’m not too proud to admit that we’ve gotten into some bad sleep habits with Pickle, and getting him into a bedtime routine is just the start of what we need to tackle (next on the list: the extraordinary amount of times he wakes up in the night and his preference to sleeping on us for naps!). I’ve been keeping a little bit of a record of how we’ve been getting on and it’s really helped me to see what works and what doesn’t.

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    6-12 Months, Parenting
    / December 11, 2016
  • Wide awake baby

    Our new Baby Bedtime Routine

    When Pickle was first born, I felt like it was the one question we got asked more than ANY other and right from the first week: does he sleep through the night yet? To begin with, I was incredulous that people were even asking. No, he’s a baby. He doesn’t sleep through the night yet, and of course he doesn’t. I repeated the information my breastfeeding support worker had given me: babies aren’t designed to sleep through the night, they need safety and breastfed babies night time feeding instincts intuitively aid milk supply. It’s a good thing that he’s waking up so often. The idea of babies sleeping through the night is only a relatively recent concept – the result of a generation of formula fed babies. It’s not historically what babies naturally do. We don’t have a bedtime routine. We’re just letting him lead us, taking our cues from him. He’ll feed when he’s hungry. And sleep when he’s tired. Whenever that may be.

    To begin with, I told myself over and over that breastfeeding was my priority, and that came at the price of sleep. I can’t be sure how much milk Pickle is getting. I can’t see it. So, if he cries (whenever that is, day or night, but especially during those first few weeks when he lost so much of his initial baby weight), I offer him milk to see if he’s hungry. I can probably count on one hand the number of times in the last six months when he’s turned down the boob. Yes, I can add up the amount of time he’s spent feeding that day, but even that doesn’t give me a cast iron estimate. Sometimes he might feed for a long duration but not actually drink that much milk and sometimes he might only have a short feed but actually get a lot of milk. I can’t ever dismiss a cry because even though I may think he’s not hungry, I don’t have the luxury of knowing with certainty. I felt reassured by what I was told in breastfeeding group: you can’t overfeed a breastfed baby. It’s hard work for them to suckle so they’ll only do it if they really need to. read more

    6-12 Months, Parenting
    / November 28, 2016