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18-24 Months

  • Thomasland Entrance at Drayton Manor Park

    A Magical Christmas at Thomasland, Drayton Manor Park

    As we didn’t go overboard on Christmas presents for Pickle this year, we decided we would use some of the money we could have spent on gifts to go towards a lovely family day out instead. After all, we have a fairly small house that’s cluttered enough as it is, and memories don’t take up any storage space so it’s a win on multiple fronts. For me, it was an easy decision to make where we should go: Magical Christmas at Thomasland, Drayton Manor Park.

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    18-24 Months, Days Out, Parenting
    / December 30, 2017
  • Pickle sat at a table, mark making with a crayon

    Christmas Cards, Mark Making and the Importance of Handwriting

    This is a collaborative post.

    We’re not big on greeting cards in my family. I can’t remember when the ‘tradition’ started, but rather than get each other Birthday Cards, my Mum has always championed spending the money on a bar of chocolate instead – her way of saving the trees, and a better way to spend a couple of quid! I’ve long thought this was quite a sensible idea (and I’m never one to say no to chocolate…), but nonetheless, I’ve invested in a wide selection of Christmas cards this year in an effort to counteract the convenience of the digital society we live in. In an age when most birthday wishes or greetings are sent over Facebook in a matter of seconds, the act of buying a card, writing in it and sending it shows a higher level of dedication that means so much more. read more

    18-24 Months, Parenting
    / December 7, 2017