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12-18 Months

  • Honey

    Feeding Pickle the Foods I Hate

    This is a collaborative post with Rattan Direct*

    Whilst I’m definitely not that fussy when it comes to food, there are certain things I’d ratherĀ notĀ eat if given the choice. There are certainly particular foods I avoid buying at the supermarket, but I’m trying to make a bit of a concerted effort to make sure Pickle still gets to try and eat these ingredients. Just because I don’t like them, doesn’t mean he won’t either, and it’s unfair to not introduce him to certain tastes and textures. So today, I’m sharing the foods I really need to make more of an effort with. read more

    12-18 Months, Parenting
    / July 25, 2017
  • Meeting Upsy Daisy

    Theatre Review: In the Night Garden Live at Cannon Hill Park

    We’re definitely a CBeebies household. In fact, there aren’t any other children’s TV channels that we watch and whilst we’re usually morning TV viewers than pre-bedtime (In the Night Garden plays during the CBeebies’ Bedtime Hour), I have found myself humming Iggle Piggle’s theme song on more than one occasion. When we were offered the chance to review the In the Night Garden Live theatre show, currently on in Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham in their specially erected Showdome tent, I jumped at the chance, and started to make much more of an effort to ensure Pickle watched the show on TV so he’d get the most of out seeing it live.

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    12-18 Months, Culture, Days Out, Parenting, Reviews
    / July 18, 2017
  • Suitcase

    Preparing for First Night Away

    I can’t believe I’ve not done it sooner, but this weekend will be my first night away from Pickle as I’m off to Bath for a weekend of hen-do antics to celebrate the upcoming marriage of one of my NCT Mummy friends. This time last year, the idea of leaving him for a few hours let alone overnight filled me with absolute dread. And although I was absolutely gutted to have missed my best friend’s hen do, there was a bit of me that was a little relieved that I wasn’t going to have to leave him for so long when he was so little. But now? I feel really ready for it – both emotionally and physically. But that hasn’t stopped me asking some of my blogging friends for some tips and tricks to make the whole thing as smooth running as possible.

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    12-18 Months, Parenting
    / July 14, 2017
  • Breastfeeding at Bluestone Wales

    A Year of Breastfeeding

    I honestly didn’t think I’d get to this point – a whole year of breastfeeding under my belt, but with it being National Breastfeeding Week, it seems appropriate to celebrate. I’m proud to have fed Pickle for this long, and although it was tough to begin with (that initial six weeks of getting the hang of it and persevering through cracked nipples and raging hormones seems like a distant memory now), it’s been a journey I’ve absolutely loved. And I’m still not ready for it to be over.

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    12-18 Months, Parenting
    / June 22, 2017