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  • Cei Bach Country Club

    Our Family Camps at Cei Bach, Wales

    Seeing as my ‘Our Family Camps’ series is counting down to our first big family camping holiday, it only makes sense to write a little about where we’re going… because, we know it pretty well! It’s definitely not new to us. In fact, I often refer to it as my second home. I’ve been going camping there since I was a baby myself, and I think there’s only a few years where I’ve missed out. The Cei Bach Country Club, near New Quay in Wales has given me a hoard of childhood memories, and I hope that it gives Pickle his own precious memories to treasure too. To tell the truth, he’s already been there once before too!

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    Camping, Countryside, Lifestyle, Parenting, UK Travel
    / July 5, 2017
  • Mowgli Walk at Bluestone

    Five Precious Memories from Bluestone Wales

    If you were to ask me what I think the most important part of any holiday is, I’d tell you it’s the making of special memories. I honestly don’t think it matters where you go, as long as you make the most of the time you have together as a family and just drink in as much of it as you can, you’ll come away with a treasure trove of stories and experiences to cherish for years to come. We certainly did just that after our midweek stay at Bluestone Wales earlier in May. After what has been quite a stressful and upsetting start to the year, the break away did all three of us the world of good and both LPD and I have been heralding it as one of our most favourite holidays ever – and that’s saying a lot!

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    Countryside, Lifestyle, Parenting, Reviews, UK Travel
    / May 29, 2017
  • Family portrait at Center Parcs

    Center Parcs Longleat with Pickle at 6 months old

    I’ve been looking forward to our first family holiday to Center Parcs since before Pickle was even a twinkle in my eye! Every time LPD (Little Pickle’s Dad) and I have been together, I’ve spotted all the various families of all different make ups there and imagined a time in the future when that might be us. Well, that future is now the past as last week, the three of us ventured to Center Parcs Longleat for a much needed holiday and some fun in the forest.

    I always knew it would be a very different Center Parcs experience than we were used to… No impromptu games of squash (or games of squash at all!), no romantic spa evening for the two of us or joint fun in the wild rapids. We’d be swapping that for the joy of seeing Pickle splash around in the pool, family snuggles in front of the fire and crisp Autumnal walks with the pram. There were some things I didn’t expect though, and I definitely learned a few lessons for the next time we visit as a family! read more

    Countryside, Lifestyle, Parenting, UK Travel
    / December 4, 2016
  • minimoon scotland whiskey tasting

    My Perfect Joules Weekend Away

    Being on maternity leave somehow makes me hanker for a holiday even more than working full time, so when Joules set a Bloggers Challenge to write up their idea of a perfect family weekend away, I was well prepared. All those hours of getaway-dreaming would finally be useful!

    We live in a beautiful country

    LPD and I love making the most of the beautiful country we live in, so can often be found enjoying UK getaways. From the bonnie breath-taking scenery of Scotland to the vast moor landscapes of Devon, or the seal wildlife on the Norfolk coast to the dolphins in Wales’ Cardigan Bay, we truly are spoiled for choice. Luckily, as we’re based in the Midlands, we’re ideally situated to easily travel to all corners of the UK but although we’ve been separately, we’ve not yet travelled to Ireland as a family – so maybe that’s next on our hit list? Coincidentally, they’ve just announced they’re building a new Center Parcs in Ireland… Fate, perhaps? read more

    Countryside, Lifestyle, Parenting, UK Travel
    / August 18, 2016