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  • A cake tin having been used for baking

    Time to Declutter the Kitchen

    We’ve hit some kind of tipping point with our house at the moment. It’s just too cluttered. I’ve never been one for minimalism, as much as I’d like to be – I’m too sentimental and I like that our home reflects us and the character of our family. But it’s gone too far. Our home isn’t very big and there’s not much natural storage (we don’t even have an under the stairs cupboard, which leaves me completely stumped as to where to store our vacuum!). Something has got to be done, and I’m starting with the kitchen.

    Yeah, it’s a bit of an eye-sore, right? This is pretty much what it looks like most of the time. Maybe not with an empty bottle of wine these days as LPD and I are really on the healthy eating bandwagon at the moment… but still – this is a familiar view. My kitchen (or indeed, my whole house) is nowhere near #Instagoals status. read more

    Cleaning, Lifestyle
    / June 10, 2018
  • Messy Lounge Why am I so Untidy?

    From Messy Mom to Pristine Parent

    If I thought I was feeling run down and grotty after a week of both Pickle and I being plagued with various maladies, it’s nothing compared to how the house must be feeling. I make no attempts to conceal the fact that I’m far from being a domestic goddess (picture the opposite) so if I’ve not even done the little bits I usually do, the mess and grime is just compounded even further and it makes for a very sorry sight. I’ve reached the point where I really want to turn things around. And I know I’ve said this before, and I’ve made half-arsed attempts… but this time, I mean it. I’m on a mission.

    read more

    Cleaning, Parenting
    / September 29, 2017
  • Decluttering and Selling on eBay

    This is a collaborative post.

    I’m on a crazy eBay selling mission. It was prompted by a callout by Mumsnet who were looking for bloggers to put eBay to the test, and now I’m thinking it’s the answer to all my problems. Do I want to declutter my house, and make a bit of extra money? Yes and yes. Both of these things are so high on my priority list at the moment that putting some time into being a seller rather than a buyer on this infamous auction website feels super productive and incredibly worthwhile. Did it live up to the hype though? Was it all worth it? Keep reading to find out… read more

    Cleaning, Parenting
    / September 27, 2017