Packwood House – another National Trust day out


I am LOVING this autumnal weather – it’s dry enough to be out all day long, warm enough not to want to hurry inside but cold enough to get just a little bit wrapped up and cosy. It’s perfect hot chocolate weather and makes exploring the outdoors an absolute treat.Apparently, National Trust visits are like buses – you don’t go in ages, and then all of a sudden, two come in quick succession. After our wonderful trip to Charlecote Park at the weekend, I quickly arranged to meet some of my Mummy friends and Pickle’s baby friends at another local property: Packwood House.

Kitchen Garden Packwood House
This isn’t actually a photo of the house itself (you can JUST see it in the background), but one of the walls of the Kitchen Garden.

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Charlecote Park at Halloween


We’ve not had that many ‘free’ Saturdays since Pickle has been born as we take him to a swimming session on Saturdays which falls slap bam in the middle of the day, leaving not a lot of time for trips out anywhere. But this week, we had a text message to tell us swimming had to be cancelled due to ‘high chlorine levels’ resulting from an ‘incident’ in the pool the day before (some child definitely poo-ed themselves, right?). Straight away, I was really keen for us to make the most of our rare Saturday together. Time to make the most of our National Trust membership!

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Pickle’s Non-Christening Christening


Before Pickle was born, LPD and I had discussed whether or not we would want to get him Christened. We both grew up in fairly Christian families where Christenings are ‘the done thing’, but as adults I think it’s fair to say we’re both pretty secular. Instead, we decided to honour his arrival with something that meant something to us (in the same way holding a traditional Christening means something to those with faith). We decided to celebrate his first walk up the Clent hills, and thanks to Slumber Roo and their wonderful Beco Gemini baby carrier, we were able to do that in style!

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Parents in Mind – Perinatal Mental Health Support


I have several blog posts sitting in my drafts folder about my experience of antenatal depression. Every now and then I try and get one finished, but it’s really tough to write about. Not only because it’s so deeply personal, but because I don’t feel like I’m really qualified to talk about it. What I’d love to do is offer support and advice to other women affected by perinatal mental health but how can I when I really know nothing except my own experience? That’s why I was really intrigued to find out about a new project being implemented by NCT: Parents in Mind.

Parents in Mind is a new scheme that aims to train up women who have experienced mental health issues during pregnancy or early parenthood, allowing them to offer one-to-one and group support to other women. They are currently recruiting for volunteers in Coventry and Warwickshire, so if you’re able to volunteer two or more hours a week and can commit to a ten week training course: keep reading!

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LPM Made This: #SimplicitySewingChallenge Simplicity 6346 Pattern


Back when I did my Introduction to Dressmaking course in March, I had wonderful visions of knocking myself up a quick top or dress whilst the baby slept but the reality has been far from different. How naive was I to think I’d have the luxury of free time on my hands?! I decided to take part in the Simplicity Sewing Challenge, hoping that the concrete deadline would make me somehow FIND the time to complete it. Nothing like a good deadline to spur you on, eh?

The newcomers category pattern was Simplicity 6346, a fairly easy looking pattern with the option of either front opening buttons or a zip at the back. Seeing as my last skirt had a zip at the back, I thought I’d try something new and go for the buttons, in the shorter length. Midi length does not go well with my calves!

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Sometimes, I want to be Daddy


Being Mommy is wonderful, it’s even better than I thought it would be… But sometimes, just sometimes, I dream about being Daddy.

Daddy didn’t have nine months of pregnancy to deal with. No morning sickness. No swollen feet and ankles. No labour anxiety or being too uncomfortable to sleep. And Daddy still got to benefit from weird pregnancy cravings: too many McDonalds meals than I’d care to admit to and a freezer full of Mars Icecreams.

Daddy to be baby bump
‘Hello Pickle. You alright in there? Cup of tea?’ Sunday morning chats with LPD and Pickle

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Newborn Photography with Kelly Louise Photography


If you’ve not considered a newborn photography session for your little one, I urge you to think about it! We weren’t that bothered about it whilst I was pregnant, and we actively avoided the Bounty session in hospital as we didn’t want to get suckered into spending a small fortune. However, I found myself desperately googling local newborn photographers a few weeks later, determined to capture the beauty of our little one

I came across Kelly Louise Photography, who was offering a FAB deal for newborn sessions. It was too good to refuse, and I sent her a message hoping she’d be able to fit us in. What I didn’t realise was that many newborn shoots get booked MONTHS in advance and availability goes really quickly.

Thankfully, she was able to squeeze us in and one Saturday morning we headed to her gorgeous studio in Hatton (serendipitous for me as we got married in Hatton, a lovely village outside of Warwick) with all our fingers crossed that Pickle would behave himself.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves…

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