WIN Tommee Tippee #ParentOn Baby Milestone Cards

Parent On Tommee Tippee campaign

I LOVE the latest trend for baby milestone cards – such an easy and special way to capture all those ‘firsts’ that we just adore as parents. I made my own set for Pickle and I love seeing just how much he’s grown and developed between the different ages already. I just can’t believe how different he is now as an 11 week old compared to those first couple of weeks as a proper little wrinkly newborn.

Tommee Tippee have also gotten in on the baby cards action, and produced their own lovely set of 20 double sided cards that helps immortalise all the special newborn moments including the ones that you sometimes might not want to remember… like ‘Today I wee’d on Mummy’ or ‘Today I was totally unreasonable’ (I can think of a few people other than Pickle I might want to give that particular card to!).

Tommee Tippee Parent On Milestone cards
Tommee Tippee MiniMoments Baby Cards – a real mixture of the highs and lows of babies!

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My Perfect Joules Weekend Away

minimoon scotland whiskey tasting

Being on maternity leave somehow makes me hanker for a holiday even more than working full time, so when Joules set a Bloggers Challenge to write up their idea of a perfect family weekend away, I was well prepared. All those hours of getaway-dreaming would finally be useful!

We live in a beautiful country

Center Parcs forest
Exploring this rich, colourful forest has to be the highlight of any Center Parcs break away!

LPD and I love making the most of the beautiful country we live in, so can often be found enjoying UK getaways. From the bonnie breath-taking scenery of Scotland to the vast moor landscapes of Devon, or the seal wildlife on the Norfolk coast to the dolphins in Wales’ Cardigan Bay, we truly are spoiled for choice. Luckily, as we’re based in the Midlands, we’re ideally situated to easily travel to all corners of the UK but although we’ve been separately, we’ve not yet travelled to Ireland as a family – so maybe that’s next on our hit list? Coincidentally, they’ve just announced they’re building a new Center Parcs in Ireland… Fate, perhaps?

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Pickle is Two Months old


Considering I have a two months old baby boy, I don’t think I could be more chilled as I sit and write this. I’m currently watching Pickle snooze in his pram, in the sunshine, outside my parents’ touring caravan near New Quay, Wales – dolphin central! It’s glorious. I used to come here every year (believe it or not) and when we were trying to organise Pickle’s first seaside experience, it was top of my list. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I’m such a creature of habit.  LPD should have just finished his day at work and will be whisking his way to join us by catching a train from Birmingham (hopefully in the right direction… He has been known to board trains going the opposite way before now!).

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Well, this weekend SUCKS


Whatever I had chosen to do this weekend, I’d be wracked with guilt. Guilt is a weird word to use because it inherently implies that I’ve done something wrong, something naughty or illegal… which I don’t think  I have, but I still feel guilty. Mummy Guilt. This weekend, I’m missing out on my best friend’s hen do.

Before Pickle was born, I was determined that I’d be able to attend. Admittedly, I was nervous – I had no idea how I’d feel about leaving a baby behind and not knowing how easy or difficult I’d find it made me anxious. But I knew I wanted to go. She’s my best friend! Of COURSE I had to go. I wanted to be there to celebrate this huge milestone event. I wanted to drink cocktails and be all embarrassed by dressing up in the typical hen do regalia! How could I miss it? It was such a no brainer that I didn’t even really consider the practicalities thoroughly. I just had the vague idea that I could express my milk and it’d be nice for LPD (Little Pickle’s Dad) to have a whole weekend exclusively with the baby. Easy peasy.

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LPM Made This: Knitted Baby Cardigan


You may remember that I challenged myself to knit a hat whilst in labour… And I kind of did. And by kind of, I mean that I did do some knitting whilst in hospital – it just wasn’t a hat and it definitely wasn’t whilst I was in the delivery room, only whilst I was on the antenatal ward. Seeing as I had a half finished cardigan on the go, I decided to just carry on with that instead of starting a new hat, especially as I already had a knitted hat I thought would fit a baby but I didn’t have a big enough cardigan.

It might not LOOK like hospital, but I did manage to capture a photo of my knitting on the hospital bed.
It might not LOOK like hospital, but I did manage to capture a photo of my knitting on the hospital bed.

Working on it whilst waiting for the induction to hot up gave me a sense of peace – I felt that even though I obviously wasn’t able to prepare for Pickle’s arrival without medical help physically, I was still being productive and at least was in control of something. 

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Pickle is One Month Old


I’m sorry, whoever turned the dial to speed up time, would you kindly slow it back down please? I know I’m just echoing the words of every other parent on the planet but how on earth is Pickle already one month old? I have so much to write about and finding the time to do so is increasingly difficult these days – I just want to document every tiny thing so I don’t forget any of this precious newborn stage.

Of course, there are also some things I think I’d probably rather forget (especially my Day 5 hormonal breakdown over breastfeeding that left me with puffy eyelids for about two days afterwards!), but it’s all part of this crazy new lifestyle adjustment and I’ll happily take the rough with the smooth at the moment.

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Antenatal Depression – the start of my story


It’s something I’ve alluded to for a while but not openly admitted: I suffered from antenatal depression whilst pregnant. Thankfully, now that I’m feeling a million times better, I’m ready to be more open and honest about my perinatal mental health and I’m looking forward to sharing more about my experience.

The start of my story is part of Mumsy Midwife‘s Mums and Mental Health series: read it here.

Mumsy Midwife guest post antenatal depression
Read the beginning of my antenatal depression journey over on Mumsy Midwife

If you think you might be suffering perinatal mental health issues or know someone who is and haven’t yet sought help – I can’t encourage you to do so enough. It MASSIVELY helped me. I am by no means an expert or even that knowledgeable in the area, but I am always here to listen if you or someone you know would like to talk. You can find me on the following social media links or feel free to send me an email.

Facebook: Little Pickle’s Mom

Twitter: @littlepicklemom

Instagram: littlepicklemom